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> << Okay.. I feel I must say something considering where I came from.
> There are many fine cuisines to be had in the northeast. Think of the
> many cultures that are brought together in the large meltingpot of
> New York. The area is full of fine dining and the best perogies in
> the world. Oh and the pizza in the northeast... is way better, too.
> From the City of Brotherly Love,
> Nadine
> Ok, Chicago, Philly and New York have some ok food, I must admit.  But other
> than that, the places(s) are utter pits of crap.  Why else are you living
> here? Any of you that wants to move back, I'll be happy to contribute $25
> toward a fund to return you to there.
> Alton
> The Route 44 Posse is in the house!
People usually live where fate has dropped them.  Why are you here?
I realize this conversation began about food (weather actually!) but there
are many other reasons why some of us might prefer the "pits of crap" as you
call them---The Met, Lincoln Center, MoMA, Shakespeare in the Park,
Bloomingdales, Tiffany's, Broadway theatre etc.  And of course there are
always London-Paris-Rome-Florence-Athens?--But you probably wouldn't like
the food there either so you'll just have to stay here with your chicken
fried steak, some big praying hands and a tall guy with an oil derrick.


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