NK - And now for something completely different............

sdrake steldr at home.net
Tue Feb 13 11:53:48 PST 2001

Ok - I know I just finished asking everyone for their service but I need
another favor.  This one has nothing to do with Northern Regional Tribute
and actually does not require a huge amount of effort for anyone.

As some of you may already know, I am cooking feast for Mead Bees II which
is being held at Camp Cimmarron the weekend of February 23-25, also known as
the weekend directly after NRT.  I deperately need to borrow some
muffin/cupcake pans.  Ideally I'm looking for the regular size 12-muffin
pans although the six-muffin pans would work as well.  If you have such a
thing and would be willing to allow me to 1) write your name on the bottom
of it in magic marker and 2)use it during feast I would make sure it was
returned to you in the condition it was loaned to me.  If possible, it would
be nice to take them from you at Tribute this weekend but I could do some
limited pickup from folks next week.  Please let me know if you can bring me
a muffin tin so I have some clue as to how many I can count on.  Thanks so
much everybody!!!!!

steldr at home.net

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