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Tue Feb 13 17:45:10 PST 2001


It would appear that I have retained only 1 standard 12-muffin pan and 1
jumbo 6muffin pan.

would you like me to bring both just in case?
Sorry that I did not have more.

I have the strange feeling that at some point my sca activities are going to
make me regret selling all my tins, and extra mixer/blenders.  OH WELL!

from home

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> Thanks!!!!!!!
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> geez, i am gonna have to dig through my pantry and see if i even kept one
> the muffin pans i used as a cake decorator.
> but if i have em, I will let you know by email after i get home tonight.
> OKie dokie?
> maidenhair
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> >
> > Ok - I know I just finished asking everyone for their service but I need
> > another favor.  This one has nothing to do with Northern Regional
> > and actually does not require a huge amount of effort for anyone.
> >
> > As some of you may already know, I am cooking feast for Mead Bees II
> > is being held at Camp Cimmarron the weekend of February 23-25, also
> > as
> > the weekend directly after NRT.  I deperately need to borrow some
> > muffin/cupcake pans.  Ideally I'm looking for the regular size 12-muffin
> > pans although the six-muffin pans would work as well.  If you have such
> > thing and would be willing to allow me to 1) write your name on the
> > of it in magic marker and 2)use it during feast I would make sure it was
> > returned to you in the condition it was loaned to me.  If possible, it
> > would
> > be nice to take them from you at Tribute this weekend but I could do
> > limited pickup from folks next week.  Please let me know if you can
> > me
> > a muffin tin so I have some clue as to how many I can count on.  Thanks
> > much everybody!!!!!
> >
> > Mercedes
> > steldr at home.net
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