NK - Need some information

sdrake steldr at home.net
Thu Feb 15 09:54:08 PST 2001

Lady Anawyn os our hospitaller - her e-mail is: Anawyn at aol.com and I believe
she will be at NRT this weekend.  I think that Ld Owen's e-mail is:
owenapaeddan at hotmail.com


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Good Ladies and Gentiles Mayhaps one fo you can assist
me. I have by freak of accident lost Lord Owen Ap
Edden and LAdy Dagmars email address if one of you
would send it to this humble armorer he would greatly
appreciate it. Also Who is the hospitaler for NK? I
need to corner this person for some info, I am trying
to put a DEmo on down here and I gotta get some hard
copy info. Well I must pull myself from your good
company, because I must be packing for NRT. Rain,
sleet or hail wont keep me away and my OMG big tent

Charinthalis Del Sans, Armorer of Dwarvenhome and
owner of OMG big tent

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