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 These are 2 msgs that I recieved about a tragedy that
has happened @ Estrella thys yr. (They are from the
outlands list) I am postin them here in case anyone
who hasnt heard about it & has friends from Atenveldt,
they may caontact...etc...I know how it is to lse
friends who live far away. My heart goes out to those
who new the couple, friends, relatives, aquantances. U
are in my thoughts..my prayers...anon, ~*Meryn*~

Date:  Mon Feb 19, 2001 1:54am
Subject:  Re: [outlands] Anybody know what and
In a message dated 2/18/01 6:49:39 PM, 

<< This is from someone's parents who lives in
Phoenix, (they were calling to
make sure it wasn't their kid) it was in the newspaper
today that two
people asphyxiated in their tents and died at
Estrella. (that is all I
know, no other details)  Has any one heard anything on
who and where they
are from?  Or anything?  Or even if it is true? >>

They're from Atenveldt/Arizona.  I don't know the
names, just that it was one 
of "Sir Dredd's" squires, and his girlfriend.  They
were in their mid-twenties.  The first report, on TV
this morning, was that they died in a tent fire (I
think).  There were a couple of tent fires at the
event, but this one was asphyxiation from a propane
heater set inside a closed-up tent.  

I have this from Master Korwyn who was working


>>About accidents at war.  There were two tent fires,
one in which a lady was badly burned but survived. 
the two deaths were two young people, new to the SCA,
who had been drinking and turned on their tent heater
but didn't light it.  It was quite tragic.  Lord
Gwydion's little girl also caught fire from their tent
heater, but wasn't hurt thanks to the quick thinking
of her brother who tackled her, rolled her, putting
the fire out.  Brian was awarded a Promise for his
deeds at Saturday court.  It was quite cold at night,
but as a result of all these incidents, a ban on tent
heaters was imposed. Heaters could be used to warm the
tents before sleeping, but were to be put out upon
retiring. <<<

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