NK - Mead Bees Feast

Lynne Dawson martadormani at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 21 08:33:51 PST 2001


I e-mailed you yesterday cancelling my reservations,
because I'm not sure we'll be attending Mead Bees
afterall.  I'll bring my muffin pan if we are able to
come, or if you'd like, I'll meet you somewhere to
give it to you this week.  Let me know.

--- sdrake <steldr at home.net> wrote:
> Sorry for the bandwidth guys - Marta and Timothy -
> would you mind sending me
> the names of the people you have made feast
> reservations for?  Timothy I
> have you down for 6 and Marta for 4 - Marta I would
> know 3 of yours if I
> could remember the boys names!!!!!!  Sigh - so many
> people, so little brain
> power. :(
> Mercedes

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