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Carl Chipman cchipman at nomadics.com
Wed Feb 21 08:37:53 PST 2001

wow :) that was useful to me too.... never though bout recessing the tabs of the basket hit and making a recess for the hose clamp itself...

everytime you think you know how to do something, someone comes up with some detail you forgot...


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On Wednesday, February 21, 2001 9:50 AM, Sigen3 at aol.com [SMTP:Sigen3 at aol.com] wrote:
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> << what are hose clamps they do have the tabs. 
>  Baulsac
>  whowillbeatfighterpracticethetwentyeighthoffebuarary
>   >>
> Go to any auto parts store and ask the nice man for some hose clamps.  You 
> will need to measure your rattan (diameter) to determine what size clamps you 
> will need.
> Thorgrim recommends the following: 
> First, you will need to recess  the ratan to accept the tabs (notch it so the 
> tabs will be flush with the surface) 
> Second, place the hilt tabs in the notches, then go around them 4 or 5 times 
> with strapping tape (white nylon filament tape) this should hold the hilt in 
> place.  
> 3rd, Now put the hose clamps on.  Cover them with duct tape.  The marshals 
> won't pass them if they are not covered with duct tape.
> Good Luck,
> Sigen
> writing for Thorgrim

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