NK - Mead Bees Directions

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Thu Feb 22 13:13:47 PST 2001

I don't know about fencing but directions wise take the Highway 33 exit off
of I44 heading west out of Tulsa.  Turn right onto Highway 33 and drive
forever.  You will pass through several towns; Drumwright, Cushing......
Eventually you will hit a stop light that is the intersection of Hwy 177 and
33.  Stay on 33 for 9.5 miles after the light and turn left on Hackelman.
Go to the first corner and turn right onto 128th St.  The entrance to the
camp is .3 miles from the turn.


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I plan on attending, could somebody please send out
directions for me.

And my lady asks eagerly if there will be any swishy-
poof-poof fencing going on?  She wants to play.


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