ANST-Announce - OT from a fellow...GOOD NEWS!

Erin james.crocker at
Fri Feb 23 08:35:01 PST 2001

Last night a Ft. Worth Police Officer noticed a car that was swerving and moving
erratically.  He stopped the vehicle and saw 3 boys and 2 teen girls - one of which
was April!  All were taken into custody and April's mother was notified.  April's
court date has been set for next week (for other charges that had been standing
before all this happened).  She will be kept in JPS until then.  April's mom is
going to ask that the judge order a bracelet to be put on April, to stay on during
her "probation".  She had been arrested before for breaking curfew (Ft. Worth
Ordinance) and for abusing her mother.
The good news is that she is safe and found.  Praise God.

Thank you all for your attention and support.  It has helped me through a difficult

Love and Hugs,

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