NK - Mead bees

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Fri Feb 23 10:09:41 PST 2001

You are coming from South of Tulsa Right?  If not reverse the first part.

Go North on 75 till you get to Hwy 33.  Take 33 West,  I'm not sure how far (I'm doing this off the top of my head from work)  You will pass a turn off going North to Stillwater.  Keep going west on 33 and you will turn south.  The Turn off to the camp is right before you cross the Cimarron river.  If you cross the river you went too far.  The camp is about 10 - 12 miles past the Stillwater turn-off if I recall correctly.  


Northkeep at ansteorra.org wrote:
> I need better directions to the site so I can figure out what time I need to
> leave site in order to get my lady to the airport by 530pm.
> Thanks
> Xenos
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