NK - How was Mead Bees?

Rick Drake ainarm at home.net
Mon Feb 26 03:51:45 PST 2001

Well yet again forces met on the field but the outcome was yet undecided... :)
Seems that Their Excelencies Vatavia have determined along with Their Excelencies Wiesenfeur to continue the hostilities next year.
Overall the event was a great success.  We had over 200 I believe come through the gate and the feast that my lady did was sold out.  Oh and if you missed it you missed a wonderfull repast :)  yummy yummy :)
We had about 20 fighters show up this year with a good mix of Ansteorran and Calon fighters.  
I would give you winners of the events but my brain has somehow managed to not retain that information.  Sorry.  But the guy who won A&S does some incredible leather work.  Look for his merchant booth in the future.  
A Lord from Calontir won the archery with a total 51 point higher than his next competitor.  wow.
The bardic was won by a gentle who did a filk of Rocky Horror.  It was good enough that the crowd at feast was yelling for an encore.  He had the crowd rolling pretty much.  
Ok I am running on to much here :)  If you missed the event you sure missed a good one.  Hope to see you all there next time.
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  Did the Bees win, or the Dragonflies?....or just the ants? 
  Anawyn :-> 
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