NK - How was Mead Bees?

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Yep that was the winner of the A&S.  Actually I should say one of the
winners.  There were two sections to A&S.  One themed the other general.
The eagle won the general and the themed was won by another leather worker
whos name I also don't remember.  He made a really wonderfull quiver with
bees and dragonflys on it.  Then donated it for the archery prize.  A big
vivat to him :)
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> I second the fact that Feast was delicious!!! :)
> I didna get to watch heavy fyghting, but I did watch
> much of the archery contest :)
> Was the A&S winner the one who made the eagles head?
> newayz...Ainar, if u would, could you contact me about
> the "Nordic Saga" order ya have wyth my work place? My
> co-worker tells me she has some questions about it.
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