[Northkeep] A few of my Favorite Things

FalanMacF at aol.com FalanMacF at aol.com
Fri May 25 09:16:49 PDT 2001

It has been wonderful reading everyones and made me want to remember and share a few of mine.

My first real event was Namron Proctorate, new, but dressed well from Marshon, in a cabin with 27 other people.  Learning that Allystair should never lead a group around camp.. especially if road ends.

My first Castellen working in the kitchen at Kelandra's Feast.  Deciding that my 1st camping experience meant it had to get better after horizontal rain & soaking bedding, even after laying all night in fetal ball with my purse in hand swearing I was never camping again when another storm came through.

20th year, going around in Bloomer Brigade with Kelandra, Therese & Abby & being called lady more then I have heard before or since.

Going to gulf war, camping with Alton's party & Hoard. Being brave or stupid enough to have several Flaming dragons. And the shoppping.

To Sink a Queen. Group laughing at my rising damp rings on skirt I was wearing that day,  getting asked to join the Raptor Household on April Fools day & then being told by Facon, it was a April Fool's trick.

Medfaire revel getting to talk to Don Donovan a long time.

And yes, finally getting on the road with Kelandra, after waiting 3 hours for her, for Wastelands.  And singing out 'Earl has got to Die' that night & being accused of chasing Baroness Maleah into the bathroom to get the qwest.

And so many more in the last year, water fights, food fights, getting Cornerstone, AOA...

And as I write this, I have so many more memories & it has only been 2 1/2 years.  And at this moment I realize I have a lot more good & great memories then I do bad.

Thank you Robert for allowing me to remember that.


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