[Northkeep] More on the garb thing

Anthony Lackey catan at webzone.net
Thu Nov 1 19:36:02 PST 2001

    I'm sorry I didn't make it to the garbmaking, I didn't get finished at the
doctor's till nearly six (annual physical exam, no worries) and driving/cutting
just wasn't on.  I still hope to come to the Tahlequah demo, we'll see.  I have
fond memories of the English class demos we used to do there.
    I'd like if it's possible to work it in before Investiture to have another
garbmaking session in case anyone wants to make new stuff for the event.  If
there is any interest let me know.


Susan wrote:

> I went to get the fabric from the dryer and thought I found a mythological
> beaste, thanks for the suggestions Lucan.  It was twisted into long ropes,
> twining in and out of one great mass.  I got them folded as best I could
> and have been working on the 'don't sweat the small stuff' philosophy, so
> will be fine to wait and have them ironed out tomarrow.  But this is going
> out with a reemphasis on bringing irons and ironing boards if you have them
> and a water spray bottle would probably be helpful too.
> One other note, I may need to leave early; it will depend on what time
> Jim's flight from Houston comes in.  He didn't have a time on it yet, but
> it will probably be 10 and not a problem, but just wanted to alert you to
> the possibility.
> I will also bring some of the loaner garb, so people can try on some
> different types of garb and get ideas.  It would be best to bring
> comfortable working clothes and something like sweats and t-shirts so you
> can change in and out of things easily.
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