[Northkeep] Demo in Tahlequah

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Sat Nov 3 03:44:33 PST 2001

Well, it seems like we are going to celebrate the birthday of one of the
most famous Cherokees, Will Rogers (was actually born Nov 4th 1879),
today.  I hope that the weather follows his rule and that the rain gets out
of it's system in time for us to set up and hold the demo in great
beauty.  So often the most incredible fall days follow closely on the heels
of storms and that is my hope.

Maybe it is just the new group letting us know what it's name is to be,
sort of like Namron's event reinforced the selection of the name they
haveat Protectorate.  I checked the weather and they are expecting to have
the rain break and partially cloudy by 9, so that will be perfect.  Temps
should be in the upper 60's, making the wearing of garb delightful with a
few colorful cloaks around for good measure.

I hope that all that were planning to come are still able to make it.  It
looks like we have a good sized group of chivalric fighters, but I am a bit
light on the rapier fighters who have let me know that they will be
out.  If you were debating on comming, I would greatly appreciate your
presence.  I talked to 104.5 yesterday morning and they are hoping to stop
by after 1:30, when they are to get there in prep of covering the football

I will be heading out in an hour and a half and will take care of the last
running around errands in Tahlequah, untill it clears to set up
pavillions.  I look forward to seeing you all there and hoping for a
magical day,

Susan the Curious
Barony of Northkeep
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

Here are two links for the weather in Tahlequah, 74464:


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