[Northkeep] Newbie-College-Type-Person

XSadeDelacroixX@aol.com XSadeDelacroixX at aol.com
Mon Nov 5 16:54:28 PST 2001

Merry meet and all other salutations that apply. My name is Samm Cason, Jr., a soon-to-be-paying new member of SCA, and one of the mundies that attended the Tahlequah demo and later festivities (and the only one of the newbies that clung on 'til the very end I am happy, and boastful enough, to say). I have checked over the website, very well done, and decided to join this mail group in hopes of making new friends. I made many a new friend that Saturday, and hope to see them again, despite the fact that the only names I remember are Susan and Kitty. Well, I tend to ramble so I will just throw down some information and let those who care do as they will with it. E-Mail = xsadedelacroixx at aol.com, sadedelacroix at aol.com, or skelepooh at aol.com. AOL/AIM screen name = xsadedelacroixx. Yahoo! Messenger name = skelepooh. I am very into making new friends, so don't be shy! Just say hi! Because...
"Being a newbie is never easy, It's always hard I say. You don't know how to dress, or how to talk, or about the games they play!" uh...I will finish that little rhyme sometime later. Thanks!

                           ~~Baidwan the Long-Winded
                              (mka Samm Cason, Jr.)

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