[Northkeep] Copyright/Permissions issue

Marc Carlson marc-carlson at utulsa.edu
Wed Nov 7 10:07:39 PST 2001

Ok, I have a small problem, which I get to share with you all.

There have been some new clarifications from up on high, which will result in some changes to the web-page.
Nothing major, but unless I have an *explicit*, In-writing (email is acceptable) statement from people, I can not
refer to Mundane names, Email addresses, Phone numbers.  This includes officers.  This means that I will be going
through the web site this afternoon and removing them.

I will also be forced to remove pictures that I don't have explicit statements from the artist/photographer for.  And for
some reason, simply sending me the item may not count as explicit permission to put it up on the web site.  I think
I still have a copy of Ian's blanket permission to use his maps and such, but I can not guarantee that I have retained
all the messages people have sent me telling me to "go ahead and put up such and such".  If you aren't sure, please let
me know - or better yet, please send me a new message granting me permission to use your image.  This is most
important at the moment for people like Damon, whose heraldic images make up the bulk of those on the site.

These restrictions will also be placed on the individual officers pages, particularly with regard to any text that they
might have adapted from other sources (for example, we really OUGHT to have gotten Katsotoshi's permission for
the Library listing before he left)

I'm sorry for any inconvenience - I will try to make this as generally painless as possible.


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