[Northkeep] Bringing my mother out

the Suarez Family family at suarez-turner.com
Thu Nov 8 08:01:15 PST 2001

Susan, sweetie, if I was only reading the subject lines....whew! <BG> I
want to add that Susan's Mom is a delightful, inquisitive, sweet,
talkative (whoda thought?! Hehe) and kind soul. Anyone who has a chance
to meet her and bask in her gentle, giving energy should be profoundly
grateful for the opportunity! I'd be protective of her too! <S>

I hope she loves it and has a wonderful time, Susan! We, of course, have
no camping gear and didn't expect to be able to go anyways. Hopefully we
will very busy having a huge party...although being with you all and
singing, etc and enjoying your mother sounds like a party to me!

Be safe, have fun,


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