[Northkeep] Bringing my mother out

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Thu Nov 8 11:25:20 PST 2001

>what in the knowne world is a pillory mock up?

Thanks for admitting to being clueless publicly, as I did so in private.

As for the being out jokes, mom will get a kick out of them.  She is this
sweet little mild mannered midwestern lady that has been widdowed for a few
years now, but won't date as my sister encourages her to do as the memory
of Papa is more than enough.  But the funny thing is, nothing much shocks
her in the leaste.  It was the time I went out bellydancing with witches at
midnight and the only comment I got out of her was that I was bellydancing
and all my husband asked was when I might be home; trust is great and it is
a good thing I don't need to shock.


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