[Northkeep] Bringing my mother out

Brown, Charley W. Chass at lakewebs.net
Thu Nov 8 12:40:08 PST 2001

Hey Marc :)
I am bringing my stocks to Margrave.. we could test them and the chain maile
paddels out if someone does offend or upset her... willing to help a brother
out lol??? Hmm we could also ask the HW people to lend a stick or 2.


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> >From: "Lady Julienne de Lion" <ladyjulienne at hotmail.com>
> >what in the knowne world is a pillory mock up?
> Absolutely nothing like it in the Knowne World :)
> Don't worry, you aren't the only one who didn't get the joke.  My bad.
> A mock up, of course, is a model - usually a working model -- of
> A pillory is a device for punishment of criminals or social offenders,
> consisting of some way of chaining that person by the neck and wrists to
> some sort of stationary platform (in colonial American the "Stocks" were a
> form of pillory).  There he or she was available for people to insult,
> ridicule, throw things at, molest, and in other ways torment.
> In the SCA (i.e. the Knowne Worlde) we punish people we perceive as social
> transgressors in other ways (most frequently by rumors, innuendo, talking
> about them behind their back, and so on).  Since Susan asked that her
> not be exposed to that, I was jokingly suggesting that subjecting her to
> more accurate (and argueably more honest, and honorable) version was
> probably out too.
> *sigh* Jokes loses SO much when you have to explain them.
> Susan, I look forward to meeting your mother -- assuming we can find
> wherever you are during the day.
> Marc/Diarmaid
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