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Thu Nov 8 15:25:38 PST 2001

    I would love to meet your mother and promise to be on best behavior.  But
she may want to consider the healing and empowering effects of instilling
discipline in the young and foolish.  Should she be intrigued with this
concept, I will lend her my shillelagh (stout walking stick) and she can lash
out randomly at those who annoy.
If her arms are not yet strong enough, I could do it for her at select targets
of her choosing.  It's amazing how good it feels.

Catrin (tongue so firmly in cheek I look like a rabid squirrel)

Susan wrote:

> Just a note for all and a favor to ask.
> When we came back to Oklahoma almost 4 years ago, one of the primary
> reasons was that I had just about lost my mother in a car wreck the summer
> before and after a month here getting her out of the hospital and all of
> her care set up, I reluctantly went back to North Carolina.  My mother's
> stamina has never been the same since and she is just getting enough of it
> back up to get out and do much, but still requires much rest.
> When we first found the SCA, she asked me what it was like and I told her
> family.  Both the craziness, the brilliance and the love of history.  I
> have wanted to have her out with us, because I feel the gift the SCA offers
> for family togetherness is one of it's greatest.  Up untill now, she really
> didn't have the energy and I wasn't willing to bring her into a situation
> so rife with political discourd.  As she is stronger now and things seem to
> be settling, I think we are at the time and will be bringing her along to
> Margrave as the cabins will be an easy way to see if she is up for a
> weekend out.  She will probably spend most of her time in the camp so it is
> easy to rest and if anyone sees her out walking, please offer her a
> gracious arm as one of the major injuries was breaking both of her ankles.
> She is a delightful young lass of a mear 73 years and has taken a name from
> her history and is to be Elaine Stewart or Staurt (not sure how it was
> spelled and her great grandmother Kitty was one back in the mid 1800's and
> it is the liniage she traces for her DAR paperwork)  I am sure that many of
> you will delight in meeting her, for as many have told me throughout my
> years she is an incredible woman of the likes that few are ever honored
> enough to know.  This is my great trust in you, as I have never offered to
> share her with any other than when I have brought my husband and daughter's
> to her for that incredible influence she offers on their lives.  I did grow
> up with my brothers and sister (born through the 50's) bringing people in
> all the time like puppies and kittens.
> I do have a favor that goes with this to ask.  Please, do not bring any
> controversy or speak ill of anyone or their believes while in our
> camp.  She has grown where these influences will hurt her deeply, as the
> stress they lead to will haunt her for much longer than you would
> imagine.  The various health conditions have been the thing I have felt the
> need to protect her from and feel now is the time that this can be safe and
> I thank you for your care.
> This weekend we will be in cabin #7 and all who wish to come and visit or
> camp near who will abide by these requests are welcome near.  I will just
> state that any who dare ignore my requests for peace; to leave, so am very
> serious here.  Mom has always taken great joy from offering nurishment, so
> we will be having potato soup with real milk and real butter on Friday
> night and a simple beef soup on Saturday.  I also am greatly looking
> forward to the young pig in the tavern, so didn't plan all of the
> meals.  If you would like to share soup with us, please let me know so I am
> sure to bring supplies enough to feed all who are hungry.
> Thank you again for being the society that you are and providing the
> community I have missed so much after leaving Tahlequah and the
> military.  The friends and companions we have found here have been many and
> I look forward to the continued adding of more.  I thank you for providing
> a place I feel safe enough to bring my mother and I figure I will find what
> I have always, ones will call to see me and then visit with my mother for
> hours.  Enjoy and treasure her, for she is a gift beyond all measure.
> Susan the extreamly protective daughter of my dear aged mother
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