[Northkeep] Camping thing for Margrave

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Thu Nov 8 15:34:33 PST 2001

Update on soup thing, it is going to be Stone Soup.  We will have the base
soup going and for those wanting to join us, bring a ziplock bag of
something cooked to add or a can of something to add per person.  It should
be fun this way and evolve as the day goes along.  This is for Saturday and
will go on the pot early in the day, so bring your addition by whenever you
wish.  The base will be a heart shaped stone, tomato juice, beef and
potatoes.  We will keep some of this in a smaller container for the less
brave at heart.


Ideas of what to bring, (have them already cooked so it will always be ok
for someone to get a bowl.  I will bring disposable bowls, but bring spoons
and drinks.  Bread and crackers to share are welcome too.)
onions, sauted

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