[Northkeep] Bringing my mother out

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Thu Nov 8 18:01:22 PST 2001

>    In the interests of refraining from negativity at Susan's request, I
>promise not to dis the Normans during Margrave.

Oh please no, that could go on forever.  You are welcome to sing the
praises of the Welsh all you like, for she is half. Between you and Owen,
she should be completly charmed.  Just be careful with her as you all walk
along the cliffs, still not sure how I feel about the bewitching you cast
over my dear Kit while walking and talking of amber.  She still seems to be
under your power.

>Catrin (if you invite the Normans anywhere, they NEVER leave, they invite
>their friends without asking, and it's like "The Man who Came to Dinner" with
>nasal helms

Humm, if I remember correctly that was one of plays she wons awards
for.  Isn't it one of the ones with an old crazy aunt?  I was just a cute
young maid in a short skirt at the time, so don't remember much from almost
20 years ago.


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