[Northkeep] Rundel

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Sun Nov 11 17:05:41 PST 2001

Hello all,

I have showered and partially recovered from the weekend and just wanted to
share a few congratulations.  First off, the site was delightful, I hope we
are able to do more things there, it was a beautiful place and the cabins
gave it such a village feeling.  I really enjoyed that.  Also,
congratulations to the new winners of Rundel, for Northkeep was well
represented in the numbers.  The new Margrave is our very own incipient
Baron Ainar, the Vormund is Kelandra, the Bard Zahava and the Children's
Margrave (younger) is our very own Krys Black Wolf.  She had quiet the
first event.  The winner of the A&S was Magdelena from Moonshaddowe with a
lady from Smythekeep placeing second and I think Elizabeth de Raite of
Brokewn Bow placing 3rd.  In the Bardic it seems Miriam had the best song
and overall champion, Lilas the best poem, Kitty best dramatic reading and
Serena winning the storytelling. (not sure on these, but do know that the
bardic price included some beautiful blue Linen from Baroness Catrin)  In
children's events, I think only one of the older kids participated in the
events and Kit got in an unforgettable cup shot on the bear during
archery.  Krys took the overall title with the rune events and archery,
with three hits.  Anthony, who is our children's Castellan, won both the
bardic and A&S competitions.  I read a discription of the archery and talk
of Angelena's knitting threw me, but it seems that Our Primere Baronial
Castellan may have taken another archery title.  The only other
competitions I know of were the brewing and thrown weapons and I haven't a
clue about them.

Also, as far as I know we had 7 people from Northkeep attending their first
event this weekend and from what I saw all had a good time.  Looking
forward to Investiture,

Susan the Curious
Barony of Northkeep
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

can Amanda or anyone type in the info on Smythekeep's birthday event for
us, it seems like it was December 29th or so and sounded like a silly good

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