[Northkeep] Rundel

Amanda Wallace sawallace at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 11 19:59:41 PST 2001

<<<The new Margrave is our very own incipient Baron Ainar, the Vormund is
Kelandra, the Bard Zahava and the Children's Margrave (younger) is our very
own Krys Black Wolf.>>>

Yes, Krys had QUITE the event......suffice it to say, I was TOTALLY shocked
when Lady Elisabeta (sp?) turned to me and said "We have a children's
Margrave!" My kiddo was over the moon let me tell you, and she HAD to show
of her chainmail hauberk to her Nana and Papa Carter, and again for her
Uncle David and Aunt Jennifer. And the much abused bear, too (the target for
children's archery.....he tells me the most memorable hit was Kitty's!) We
felt so welcomed by everyone at our first event. (Other than not really
knowing routine, it seemed like we were welcomed as old friends!) We stopped
off at Jim's Dad's place to celebrate little Alex's birthday, and both kids
were happily exhausted when we got home!

Amanda the tired Blackwolf

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