[Northkeep] Rundel

the Suarez Family family at suarez-turner.com
Sun Nov 11 22:53:14 PST 2001

 We'd also like to apologize for not making it down. Caitlin was
coughing her head off Friday and I didn't want to push our luck with her
and end up with her getting sicker instead of better! She IS better
tonight, btw, went to bed after just a wee bit of coughing that popped
up at bedtime (first time at all today!) and it was easily resolved with
her inhaler. (Hooray!)
 As it happened, Gareth ended up having to go and work today since they
rolled some things into producation so his boss would have had kittens
and cows if we'd been unavailable.
 I'm very sorry that we missed it, but it sounds so wonderful! Susan,
how did your Mom enjoy her first event?

In service,


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