[Northkeep] Margrave and Thank You

Mercedes de Cerdanya steldr at home.net
Mon Nov 12 06:36:19 PST 2001

I have to agree with Chass, the event went off very well.  I think everyone
had a lot of fun.  The fighting was good (unfortunately I missed most of the
heavy list and all of the light list) and Northkeep can be proud of
providing Rundel's champions.  Ainar won the heavy list and Kelandra won the
light list.  (And Ian of the dimpled knees gets to wear a very pretty
necklace for the next year.)  Our own Zahava is Rundel's Bard for the next
year and our Castellan Toinette is their archery champion.  Well done
Northkeep!!!!  The tavern was lovely and kept people warm and fed.  I
especially appreciated the chicken and dumplings.  Thank you goes out
especially to Chass and Elizabeta who ended up autocratting unexpectedly due
to some unexpected health problems.  The site was gorgeous and I'm thinking
that it will be used many times in the future.  We had a total gate of 101
people and although I haven't done the event report yet, I know that Rundel
did make some profit.  A very wonderful thing.  Thanks again to everyone who
came and helped them out.  It was a great event.


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