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How early will they be open?  I was planning on being there about 5:30 to
have dinner before leaving my husband at the mercy of the
drummers.............  Do Ainar and I need to have dinner elsewhere so that
I can be at needleworkers on time?

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I just spoke with the new owner of Aladdin's (where we're meeting tonight).
The restaurant is closed for a week, but they are opening tonight just for
us.  There will be food available for those who want to have dinner there,
but there won't be a full menu.  I asked about a children's menu, and she
said they would just do smaller regular dinners at a reduced price.  When
they open for business next week, they will be adding Greek, Iranian and
other items to their menu.

If things go well tonight, Aladdin's would be pleased to provide a regular
(free) meeting place for us on Monday nights.

~ Zenobia ~


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