[Northkeep] Northkeep Baronial Investiture:The Arch

Anthony Lackey catan at webzone.net
Wed Nov 14 18:10:23 PST 2001

    As many of you already know, on the weekend of November 23-25, Northkeep
is holding our Baronial Investiture (as one of the autocrats, it's about all I can
think of).
    Her Majesty Queen Larissa made known last summer her wish that the Northern
Region create a processional arch as a symbol of unity and healing.  Such an arch
has not yet been completed and its form and style are still under discussion.
That is
fitting, as the creation of such a defining symbol for the North is a heavy
responsibility and should not be carried out lightly or in haste.
    That said, however, we in Northkeep are mindful of our Queen's command that
the arch be used at Investiture in procession.  So we have obtained *an* arch,
we emphatically stress is not intended to unilaterally be imposed as *the* arch of
North, so that Her Majesty's wishes may be carried out in her Barony in fief.  We
are decorating it in the colors of Northkeep to commemorate our Investiture.  We
the populace would request of all our guests that wish to do so that they offer
small item such as a site token from a favorite event in the North, ribbons in the
colors of other shires, baronies and cantons in the North or anything that
to them the spirit of the North, that it may be affixed to the arch prior to
Saturday afternoon.  The items may be reclaimed by the donors if they so wish, or
remain part of the arch always.
    We hope many of you will participate in the decking of this arch, not only for
purposes of decoration, but that we all may imbue this symbol with our love for
our Kingdom and our region and our loving wishes for a happy future for our Barony
and for us all.  Thank you.

HE Catrin ferch Gwilim, co-autocrat for Northkeep Baronial Investiture

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