[Northkeep] Job hunt

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Thu Nov 15 10:32:32 PST 2001

>Catin...if i read the email right!!!
>as an almost newbie...lol....i would like to offer my
>assistance if you should need it in your job hunt.
>email is terry.burgett at oesc.state.ok.us for job hunt
>only, of course.  smilz

Thank you so much Terry for the offer, that is definatly a great way for a
newcomer to jump in.  As to the other, Catin I have to join in here with
Mercedes.  I am sorry you have not found a job yet and really sorry that
that one didn't pan out, but really happy we won't be loosing you.  Now we
just need to find you a job locally.  As Lucan, Yosh and Colin will state,
I really wish I could get funding for Kit's school so they could bring you
on staff.  If we can just get them some more grant money, we have some
incredibly awsome teachers that would make the place ledgendary.

We will continue to be on the lookout for you, what all areas can we be
listening for again?

Susan the Curious and ever willing to be helpful

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