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Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Fri Nov 16 07:12:20 PST 2001

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Sorry all, as is usual when I try to keep messages short I sometimes loose
people and definatly fail to communicate efficiently.  Saturday's class is
specificly designed for those new to the SCA, but our definition for this
can include those who have never been to anything with a large amount of
pomp, circumstance and a large number of nobility.  It is designed to
introduce you gentally to the graces that will help you function
comfortably within that setting.

All are invited and after the class we will probably be going to eat
somewhere of the groups choosing and then afterwards out to Elizabetta and
Beorlic's house for a bardic fire.  I have heard that others who are not
doing the class will be out to the fire, so want to make sure that they
know to try to carpool so we can keep the number of vehicles there to a
minium, as we don't want to give the neighbors anything to complain about.

As it stands, I am hoping to be there for all of the activities, but as
their was a death in Jim's family this week there may be things tomarrow
that will keep me away.  I am hoping though, that he will have things to do
with them that will keep him occupied so he doesn't feel bad that I am gone
most of his first day home in 2 weeks.  The reassurance that I can plan
things that I can't make is nice, but I really hope to be around for this
day as it sounds like it will be a great deal of fun and I for one could
use some instruction on moving gracefully in Tudor and full skirts.

Susan the busy
who plans on wearing the full Tudor all day and through the investiture
court and then actually a more simple outfit for feaste and evening court,
for the feaste looks too good for me to want to attempt to eat much laced
in that tightly.

Origional message
Newcomer Class

Saturday November 17, 2001
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Event Location: Nathan Hale Library
Street: 6038 E 23rd St (just w of Sheridan)
City, State, Zip: Tulsa
Phone: 605-6174

Notes: Newcomer Class focusing on Persona and info reguarding court
practices in preparation for Investiture. Please come in what you are
planning on wearing to court, so you can get used to moving around in it.
Bring something to change into for the bardic circle. If the court garb is
still in the works, bring what you will be wearing during the day or
something similer so you can practice the reverances and such, walking and
sitting may be a challenge. To be followed by dinner somewhere and a bardic
fire out at Beorlic and Elizabetta's house. Bring chairs with you and
something to drink.

additional message
As a point of reference, for Saturday night we might need to car pool out
to Elizatetta and Beortlic's as they only have 4 parking spots and a steep
driveway. There is also a spot up the road, but as they have just moved in
we want to take it easy, so we can break the neighborhood into the
'novelty' of the SCA gentely.

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