[Northkeep] a baronial history table at investiture

Geni Gorham geni_rn at swbell.net
Fri Nov 16 09:36:37 PST 2001

Were they copper and strung on yarn.  If so I have one in with my christmas
decorations, I believe (it around here somewhere I'm sure) and if your looking
for one for the table let me know I'll get my decorations down and go through
them and bring it, if I can find it.

Beth Sanborn wrote:

> daaddington at saintfrancis.com 11/12/01 11:24AM >>>
> does anyone know who made it then, and if there is any special symbolgy
> to its creation?
> m
> The ring is actually flaired & was supposed to represent a coronet (it being
> Investiture and everything).  Also, in fairness, Beorhtlic had a lot of help
> with them.  We had work days at our house w/ people switching out cutting,
> hammering and filing site tokens, as well as working on other projects.
> Elisabetta
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