[Northkeep] Servers for Investiture Feast

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Sun Nov 18 01:37:49 PST 2001

<<Now I have to figure out who I am eating feaste with, you all are one of my
favorite couples to share a table with. I do hope that one of you will be
our server and if it is Willhelm, no pouring ok Kit.>>

>I am offended by that remark I didn't pour anything on kit! I bribed Marchon
>(forgive the spelling) to pour it on her, in retaliation for the food she
>tossed at me.
>               Wilhelm der Wulf

I even went back and checked, I didn't say that you ever did in the
past.  I was just stating that it wouldn't be appropriate in this instance,
but you know it is usually great at Castellan expecially when we are having
a wild free for all tavern.  Boy that was fun.  As for retaliation for
something she tossed at you, ...  I looked for the words and just couldn't
come up with any appropriate ones to follow that one up with.

So, do we get you as a server?


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