[Northkeep] Children's Boffer Questions

Rebecca Heydon rmheydon at swbell.net
Sun Nov 18 14:46:32 PST 2001

Here goes:

Golf tubing can be found at thrift shops quite often or you can ask at
sporting good stores.  (As to the what, I may be wrong here but I believe
they serve as casings for clubs for transport and storage and that sort of
thing.  I don't golf so I may be way off base.  I have purchased the tubes,
though, so I know that info is right. :-)......)

As to making a weapon, Karl Hungus should be able to help you as he is
Northkeep's YB Marshal.  Lord Tristan and I are going to be doing a whole
slew of classes at wInterkingdom on weapon-making, authorizations (children
and adults) and whatnot.  Tristan would also be a good source for weapons'
help now if you don't want to wait until January.

And NO on the catcher's mask no matter what the age.  The gaps are too big.

Couple of questions of my own:

How old is Krys?

Have you printed off the rules of Youth Boffer?  (They are on the Kingdom
website in the Participant's Handbook).

Anything else I can do to help?

NR Youth Boffer Marshal
rmheydon at swbell.net

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> Golf tubing: What is it, and where can I get some?
> Can someone show me HOW to make a Children's Boffer Weapon?
> Will a catcher's mask suffice as a helmet for Krys?
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