[Northkeep] Wed fighter practice

BlakHawk blakhawk at blakhawk.cjb.net
Mon Nov 19 11:31:40 PST 2001

Well that is left to the interpretation of those that would bring such
questions... M'Lord... Which would depend upon of whom you ask such a
question...  And being the object of the question I believe it would be
rather egotistical for me to answer such a question.  :-)

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> "BlakHawk" <blakhawk at blakhawk.cjb.net> said:
> >I appreciate the honor of being recognized by the Knight Marshal,
> >:)
> Mlord,
> Are you taking the recognition for cooking the turkey, or for being one?
> :-)
> (don't call me "Sir", I work for a living)
> Have a great turkey day,
> Alton
> "the honorary turkey"
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