[Northkeep] Toinette and Archery

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Tue Nov 20 10:02:22 PST 2001

> > > >>Toinette
> > > >>Fierce Maiden Huntress
> > > >Oh yes, a definate women for my children to learn
> > from,
> > >
> > > Toinette hunts maidens?  When did -this- start?
> > >
> > > m/d

>Teach them to shoot archery!  :-)

Blackhawk retorted
To fend of those Vikings of the SCA???

This sounds like a real good way for the girls to defend themselves.  That
and the 11 knives that Kit says every good Scottish Lass carries, I am just
afraid they would hurt themselves with those.  We are so glad to have the
Primere Baronial Castellan here to show them how to excell in all of the
arts and be able to bring down any Viking or other at a distance.

Susan who's latest idea of minor id for teen girls, is the Blood Red M on
the bodice of the dresses, with knife handles sticking out of the tops

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