[Northkeep] OT Leather working goods sale at Investitiure

Pete Lazzaretti Pete at crazedcamel.com
Tue Nov 20 09:35:51 PST 2001

In order to lighten my van for when I return to AnTir I am selling off a
bunch of the leatherworking tools and miscellaneous harness gear at greatly
reduced prices.

Available are:

Miscellaneous medieval appropriate conchos 20% off
Armour buckles ask for bulk discount
a small selection of tools 20% off
Artificial sinew 20% off
Molding tool sets $25.00
Barge cement $4.00
Ask about the discounted prices on suede.

I also have two unfinished white pine folding tables for sale at $35.00 ea.
used for one season of merchanting back home.

Come find me.  I'll have the stock set up in my tent.  Ya know the orange
one attached to the side of my van.

In service


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