[Northkeep] Chair to give away

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Tue Nov 20 11:55:05 PST 2001

We got a new TV, as our 10 year old one died and are rearranging the living
room.  Yes, I practice SCA housekeeping and this means we are cleaning
too.  The fluffs of cat fur have been amusing and we might actually be able
to have a movie night over here soon, as I will have floor space at leaste
for a bit.

Anyways, we have a chair that is no longer able to be justified as floor
space.  It was almost a thousand new and has the wiring for a phone in the
arm, heat and massage and is a recliner in a teal color.  The deal is that
it was oversized, but the bolts that held it together wern't.  It would be
great for an SCA medium or small or a large with welding equipment who
makes it where it doesn't come across.

Offered for free, just let me know and drive by and pick it up,

please contact me off list and I will let the list know when it has been
dealt with, thanks all.

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