[Northkeep] storage methods

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Wed Nov 21 05:25:15 PST 2001

>    I can bring some things to the site Friday or you can stop by on Wednesday
>if you like.  I always have extra stuff in the car, it functions as a storage
>unit for garb
>half the time.

I thought that that was it's function.  Just got my Margrave stuff out
yesterday and that was only because of needing to move something that
needed the entire back of the Jeep.

Who thinks you should be able to live off of what is in your car for at
least a few days, if not you just arn't prepared,

Susan the Packrat

who dreams of when she has an enclosed trailor that stays permanently
packed and just has totes that go in and out for garb and food.

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