[Northkeep] Wal-Mart was Archery Question

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Wed Nov 21 05:32:11 PST 2001

>Have you looked recently?  When I was looking two
>weeks ago, Arrowhead and the Wal Mart on Lewis both
>had cheap, not very nice, ready-made, painted wood
>arrows, suitable for loaners or perhaps a beginner
>with a light bow.
>Wal Mart carries archery supplies pretty much only
>during the archery deer-hunting season, though.  So
>it's possible they've stopped carrying them here in
>the past couple of weeks; I don't know.

I don't know about archery, but I do know that with fishing equipment, that
the regular Wal-Mart on Memorial just south of 41st is much better
stocked.  Much better depth of stock that the super ones.

Also, for those looking for table cloths, they had a great supply of red
and white damask ones in the back for $9.  Make sure to look at the
dimintions, I picked up four to have for the head table and am
contimplaiting going back and getting one for ours.


ps, for a library of children's classics with full texts online,
might have some bardic uses

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