[Northkeep] Northkeep Investiture

Mercedes de Cerdanya steldr at home.net
Wed Nov 21 10:37:11 PST 2001

Your Majesty,

We have planned 3 courts for Saturday.  One in the morning at 9:30ish, one
at 3-4 in the afternoon depending on when the tournaments are over, and one
after feast.  In the afternoon court we had planned to do the actual
investiture without much more business.
It was our thinking that most of the awards and other business could happen
in the morning and evening courts.  We ahve been encouraging people to not
skip morning court since it will probably involve award giving. :)
We look forward to having you here and I know that several things are being
done to make this an enjoyable birthday for Tressa.  We appreciate her
sharing her day with us.

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> Greetings everyone!
> We are very excited to be coming this weekend for the Investiture and to
> recognize so many wonderful people.
> Because we have a rather large court business list, I would like to work
> or more courts in during the day.
> Also, it is my daughter Tressa's 7th birthday and she is very happy to be
> sharing her birthday weekend with you all!  She has made alot of friends
> Northkeep and I am sure will keep us traveling for years to come :)
> Crossing my fingers and toes for beautiful weather!
> Larissa
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