[Northkeep] re: a baronial history table at investiture

Deborah Sweet/soc/cas/Okstate dssweet at okstate.edu
Wed Nov 21 12:38:42 PST 2001

A while back this was posted to the Northkeep list:

>                I am requesting historical information and items for a
>history exhibit at investiture.
>There is within my grasp a broken arrow shaft, I know nothing about it,
>I am sure there is a story that goes with it.  I would like to exhibit
>but with information on how it came to be of significance to Northkeep. I
>don't wish to spend the day repeating "i don't know."  : )
>In service,

I'm not really sure about this, but faint stirrings in my mind say that
the broken arrow shaft *might* be from Mooneschadowe. Back when we had
that little mud war over who got Manford. Ragnar might know for sure.
Haldane suggested asking Alexandros.


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