[Northkeep] Space For Space Heaters & How Large a Large Garb?

KTMC- AM 14 & KTMC-FM ROCK 105.1 ktmc at icok.net
Thu Nov 22 16:44:04 PST 2001

   I am currently planning on coming up sometime Friday, and have a
pickup the bed of which will not be full. Also, how large  is the large
garb needed?  :) I have a few extra simple tunics, but they are in the
giant-plus size (roughly about a 6-7XL size)
   I will have to leave Saturday afternoon, for a mundane reason to
Putnam City, and am not currently sure if I will be back on site at
midnight or later, if I make it back at all, (should know tomorrow by
tomorrow afternoon) or could pick them up another time from someone
after the event.
   Let me know is I may be of help.


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