[Northkeep] Feast Question

Jerry & Teresa Herring herring at upperspace.net
Thu Nov 22 16:44:20 PST 2001

For those of you interested in the Table decorating contest:
Seating at the feast will consist of 18 tables holding between 6 and 9
people each. If all of the seats at feast fill (and from the looks of it
they are going to) we will have 140 feasters, plus the head table.  We will
be doing a seating sign up during the day. So after you purchase your feast
seats please look for the individual doing the sign ups so that you can
coordinate your table location.

Your tables should be beautiful as well as functional.
There must be room for the serving trays that we traditionally use at
Northkeep feasts. I do not have specific sizes for these trays but you can
expect the largest to be the size of a very large cookie sheet and the
smallest the size of a soup bowl.

If you are just one person decorating only fill the area required for one
person. If you are decorating for a group that almost fills a table then
please remember to coordinate your table to accommodate others.

Hall set up should begin about one hour to one and one-half hours before
feast. If everyone cooperates when it is time to arrange the hall for feast
then we will have pleanty of time for decorating tables.

There will be a prize for the best table so we hope to see you all there in
your finest!

Kind regards,

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