[Northkeep] On the eve of Investiture

Jerry & Teresa Herring herring at upperspace.net
Thu Nov 22 16:53:43 PST 2001

I wanted to say...

Thank you to the people of Northkeep and the Northern region. Thank you to
everyone who has contributed to our investiture. Thank you for your
generosity, diligence, and friendship.

Though we rest on the eve of the event it is obvious that your hard work has
prepared a day and an occasion that will ring of wonder. You have all been a
part of building what will surely be a shining jewel, an event to be
remembered. It is the glory you strive for, the honor you bear, and chivalry
in your hearts that will shine through at our investiture. Those of you who
have already given so much are why Northkeep is so grand, you are why we say


Those who rest in their quiet homes not attending our event, when hearing
tales of this day will surely hold themselves cheapened for not having
attended. In days to come when we tell the tales of the tourneys, the
courts, and the feasting, that we will see among the crowd the knowing
glances and satisfied smiles of those who were there to remember this magic
day in Northkeep.

Kindest Regards,
Laird Ian Dun Gillan
Seneschal Northkeep

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