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Lady Julienne de Lion ladyjulienne at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 23 00:21:15 PST 2001

hahahaha! i am also a sentimental packrat. i still have my first baby dress,
and my brownie dress. i have boxes and boxes of my kids clothes, the ones i
really liked, that i am keeping to make a quilt out of some day. now if i
could only learn how to quilt...

vivat ansteorra,
lady julienne de lion
winter at lakewebs.net
canton of rundel reeve

>One of the girls all time favorite toys came from a military toy drive and
>was found in a heap of used toys.  I had to take it home and bleach it, but
>it has meant more to them than thousands of dollars worth of other
>things.  Now to move some of those other toys on, I just become way too
>attached to the toy because of the memories of my girls with them.
>Susan the Sentimental Packrat

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