[Northkeep] Film at eleven.

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Isabela -

Do I need to bring you some tapes?

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> Tamberlin, and for anyone else who might be interested. I am in the
> process of dubbing the footage I shot at the court(s) to VHS as we
> speak. If you would like a copy please bring me one to two blank vhs
> cassettes. On my first run through I've dubbed it as (sp) high quality.
> I'm on my second tape now.  These are eight hour cassettes I'm using.
> If you're less concerned with the quality I can dub it as a (slp) lower
> quality tape.  I'm not positive but, it MIGHT all fit on one eight hour
> cassette.  I haven't checked to see how long the combined footage was.
> The courts were long.  I am very tired and verrrry sore but very happy
> and extremely pleased.  Even the evening court footage looks pretty
> good despite the low lighting.  My hand shook somewhat so the picture's
> not always the greatest, but I think you'll agree it's the content that
> matters.  At present I thought I'd make a copy to send their majesties,
> their Excellencies Northkeep and one for the Baronial archives.  That's
> just off the top of my head.  I have no wish to reveal too much of what
> happened, I don't want to accidentally spoil something.  I do have one
> question for the heralds though.  What are the abbreviations commonly
> used for some of the awards given out last night? I had a wonderful
> time. Thanks to everyone, who helped make it possible.
> With much affection,
> -Isabela
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