[Northkeep] How was Investiture?

Mercedes de Cerdanya steldr at home.net
Mon Nov 26 06:45:17 PST 2001

Well, personally, I think it went great!  Everyone had a great time, people
got to hit each other with sticks and poke each other with metal things
shoot arrows and throw big hunks of metal around, the hospitality table was
luscious, feast was magnificent, the Mooneschadowe Musicians played for us
and it only rained a tiny bit!!!  I had a terrific time and I want to thank
everyone who made the event come off so well, you guys are awesome.  We had
242 people come through gate and feast sold out.   We also gave out a ton of
awards which was really cool.  I'm hoping that Etienne or Rosamund will post
a list of the awards as soon as they have a spare moment because if I try to
I will forget someone.  :)  It's been said many times but it bears
repeating:  Northkeep Rocks!!!!

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> I'm out with what we think may be bronchitis hopefully
> not namonya (sp?)....how'd everything go?
> Tamberlin
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