[Northkeep] Film at eleven.

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Mon Nov 26 19:03:28 PST 2001

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> There!  you see, great minds DO think alike.  LOL Sounds like Robert
> might be able to help us on this one.  Baron Robert, If I can get a
> copy of Zahava's footage.  I can "digitize" it by plugging my camera
> into my vcr and recording instead of playing.  The reverse of what I
> did to "dub" the digital footage to vhs.
> -Belle

       That would be great since capturing the video is the thing I'm having
trouble getting right.  I can do it but I'm not happy with the quality.
Friday I'm getting together with a friend who does this stuff professionally
and is going to educate me a bit.  Lets talk about this at populace or by
private e-mail.


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