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Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 27 10:51:47 PST 2001

>From: cchipman at nomadics.com (Carl Chipman)
>As someone who never met Kendra Kenmare, I am interested in finding
>out who this person was and what they meant to Northkeep.

Jean Paul,
Let's see ... Kendra.  How to describe her...  Well there's a picture of her
on the Raptor page, but that's not really the same as describing her.

Friendly, charming, witty - although those tend to be fairly hollow terms in
trying to describe someone.  The person that *I* knew, who I'm sure was
somewhat different from the person that Keigan, or Kevin, or Brian knew
(since that's how people work - we rarely ever know exact the same person as
someone else) sincerely cared about other people, she never failed to try to
help, or at least gave you the impression that she cared about YOU, as a
person).  Few people ever saw her angry, and then only for a short while
(although if you managed to anger her badly enough to get her to -hold- a
grudge, you were screwed).  Most of the time, anger seemed to be more effort
than it was worth for her.  We didn't always agree on things, and sometimes
we could argue, but at least she always had a thought out position that I
could respect.  Also, she took the time to get to know who I was as a
person, and why I did things, before she judged me - something that too few
people ever bother with (including some who've known me for years).

Two of my favorite Kendra stories are

1.  A number of years ago, the then Shire of Northkeep voted as a whole to
adopt a section of highway to take care of. On those weekends when we had to
get out to clean it up, as might be expected, some people always showed up,
some people usually did, some never did.  Kendra was told when she showed up
the first time to go home and not ever come back for this project, since in
her health we weren't sure we weren't going to have to take her to the
hospital, because she would have gone ahead, ignored her health, and worked
herself to death because the Group had decided that this project was a good
thing to do.

2.  If you've ever seen me at populace meeting, I tend to be working on one
thing or another -- it keeps me from getting bored.  At one point, I was
working on a bone carving.  About halfway through the meeting, she tapped me
on the shoulder and asked me to stop what I was doing and put it away.  I
had totally tuned out the little "skritch-skritch" sound that working bone
makes, and sounds exactly like getting your teeth cleaned, and apparently no
one was willing to tell me - except Kendra.


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